1.Commit to habits, practices, routines and rituals that are  good for your well-being - even when you don'twant to.

2.Allow yourself to feel a multitude of feelings without labelling it as wrong, bad or negative.

3.Practice listening to your needs and discovering different ways of meeting those needs.

4. Practice self-forgiveness; for not being perfect, for forgetting,for your past, for what you don't know,and for getting "off-track" sometimes.

5. Let yourself start again, over and over, as often as needed.

6.Take care of your basic needs: stay hydrated, get enough sleep, move your body, and eat plentifully.

7.Cive yourself permission to rest, to take breaks, and to have down time.

8.Spend quality time with yourself: reading, writing, creating and getting to know who you are underneath who you think you should be.

9.Use a lens of curiosity and compassion with yourself as often as possible.

10.Remind yourself that you are as worthy of being shown up for as anyone else in life. Make yourself priority in your own life,



  1. Great tips on how to take care of yourself and seek motivation to attain new goals.

  2. very important topic i encourage you to follow up on what you're doing and improve

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